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Patrick Companies:  Proudly Celebrating 56 Years of Oil and Gas Experience

Patrick Energy Group, Patrick Petroleum, LLC, Patrick Energy Corp, Patrick Energy Management, LLC , Patrick Energy Partners, LLC, Patrick Energy Resources, LLC are each specific and individualized private successors to Patrick Petroleum Company; founded in 1962 by U. E.   "Pat" Patrick.

Each company's success is based on one simple corporate philosophy, and that is: staying focused on the things you know. Each company has a specific focus; and our newest company Patrick Energy Resources, LLC is purposely formed to focus on lower risk, higher quality oil and gas acquisitions and drilling development properties. Patrick Energy Resources, LLC offers the investment community an opportunity to participate in these upstream prospects and projects for tax and income growth advantages.

Patrick Energy Resources, LLC - Invest in Oil and Gas

Patrick Energy Resources, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Patrick Energy Corp. a company started by U.E. "Pat" Patrick and Mark Patrick in 1998. Patrick Energy Resources, LLC ("PER") was formed for the exclusive purpose of acquiring, developing and managing lower risk production and development properties that meet our standards as a continuous added value asset for our Private Equity direct ownership and our Private Placement Drilling and Production Acquisition Programs ("PPM") in the oil and gas industry.

The design of the PER plan is a focused and selective acquisition of the quality properties in established producing basins in the lower 48 states. This design approach is well suited for the management of PER in that the track record of the principals of PER have a proven history of countless successes in the oil and gas industry that span over 50 years of exploration and acquisition transactions.

PER has already identified lower risk higher quality property opportunities for acquisition. The approach, of targeting properties that have a specific plan in place for development is what PER expertise is about. The principles are oil and gas people with extensive knowledge within the E&P and acquisition sectors of the industry. This is where PER believes it has an advantage over many of the other private investment equity and PPM's offered in the same market. Our history, knowledge and relationships we have established with quality oil and gas "oil finder's"  over the last fifty years is our advantage over many of the other programs being started in the Private Equity investment and PPM market today.

PER specific focus for properties in the Industry is the niche being overlooked by many of the other company's with  PPM's currently circulating. PER  equity investors and  PPM's are initally selecting the lower risk and shallower plays in the $10MM to $40MM range that have the ability to increase in value and size significantly as they are developed.

Additionally PER capital approach for the investment of its Private Equity and PPM funds is further defined to allow the flexibility to strategically invest its funding in individual and  multiple well acquisition and drilling properties; therefore allowing the probability of success to increase and also reducing the investment risk. This multi-opportunity approach will allow PER to deploy its capital to each property according to its success. A very simple but highly effective equation: invest in multiple well, quality properties, execute the initial development capital, compare results, and deploy the proportionate capital to the higher success higher return properties.

This approach is proven successful and repeatable!